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Hanke on päättynyt 30.11.2020. Sivustoa ei enää päivitetä.

Innovations are just waiting to happen, but getting to the right person in the industry is a difficult process.  Even after finding the right person, the effort in understanding the challenges the industries face can be long and full of failure.  This is where the IoT Meets Building Hackathon comes in.

We replace the digging for the right connects with industry experts providing the insights you need to establish a great innovation product in the building and infrastructure industry.

  • Provide you companies with pertinent industry experts in building and infrastructure
  • Industry Experts have prepared challenges in their industry looking to have your solutions adapted to those issues.
  • We create rich video content to boost innovative product which can be used in various locations and events.
  • Share innovations with technology and building infrastructure with a video and various social media posts. 
  • Ignite long term conversation and relations in the Technology and Building sectors.

Construction, maintenance, and infrastructure around buildings are becoming more digital every day. Remaining relevant, and up-to-date against growing competition is an constant effort.  This is why we have created the Internet of Things Meets Building Hackathon.

  • Connect with prepared and relevant technology companies from the Oulu region to you.
  • Provide companies with contracts ready to sign and begin working on the projects.
  • Challenge technology companies and develop and adapt products for the industry
  • Free workshops available to help define your challenges ready for technology companies to implement solutions


May 23 Thursday at Oamk Labs Kotkantie

  • 14:00 Event begins and Introductions 
  • 15:00 Teams setup desk spaces
  • 16:00 Questions and answers between teams and the review teams. 
  • 17:00 Meal and Networking Activities 
  • 19:00 Closing time 

May 24 Friday at Oamk Labs Kotkantie

  • 10:00 Doors open 
  • 11:00 Teams present to mentors 
  • 12:00 Break for personal lunches 
  • 13:30 Teams make final preparations for Review Panel 
  • 15:00 Teams present to review panel 
  • 16:30 Event Complete 

Create Innovation

Smart buildings can engage and enrich the lives of each person in unique and powerful ways.


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? +358 40 687 9999


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